Local HE Events

HE-MK meet up for various activities

(Each activity is organised by a home-educating parent.  Some of them are weekly, some fortnightly/monthly.  Some are full and have a waiting list.  Some have upper or lower age-limits)

Anyone can organise an event in the main group and invite others to join them.

There are opportunities activities and socialisation every day of the week.

This list is just to give you an idea of the kinds of things that take place:

– Iceskating

– Gymnastics

– Trampolining

– Wide Games

– Climbing

– Swimming

– French

– Spanish

– Science

– Co-ops

– Coffee/Play/Park meets

– One-off activities, for example, science, boating/sailing, reenactment sessions, craft sessions

– One-off outings to places like Houses of Parliament, Bank of England, various museums, stately homes, PGL etc…


Also visit  www.educationista.com/events/home-ed-events for HE events and trips.