Our Group

This is an informal, non-hierarchical, secular (non-religious) group for home-educators in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.  You can join the group if you are actively home-educating your child/ren, or are considering home-education for your child/ren.

It works via a yahoo group/email list, where members can converse with eachother, offer mutual support and arrange meetups & events at:  http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/HE-MK/

You do not have to supply any personal details to join the group.  However, new members’ posts will be subject to “moderation” to prevent spammers.
There is no membership fee and it’s free to join.  There is no committee.  There is no obligation to join any of the activities/event.  You can use the yahoo group to ask questions/chat/organise meet-ups/events/activities/ask for support.

You must not cross-post to or from the yahoo group without the express permission of the OP (original poster)

Please note that this group is for home-educating families and their children and is not open to those with a professional/paid interest in education and/or education provision.

If you are organising a home-ed/educational event or activity:
If you are the organiser of a home-ed/educational event or activity, you may promote it on this list.  If there are charges/costs involved, you will need to state this up-front, so people can make an informed decision.  You are free to add your events/activites on the yahoo calendar (which is open to all members).  It’s assumed that you are not making a profit from organising events/activities.

If you are thinking of organising an event or activity with a charges/costs involved, you may wish to consider collecting payment in advance of the day.  This is to protect you, in the case of “no-show” families and/or to prevent a last-minute cost-increase for those families who do go.

If you are attending a home-ed event/activity
Please arrive at the appropriate time, unless it’s an open-ended informal/social meet up.  Many events/activities are free, but if there are any costs/charges involved, please pay the organiser promptly.  It can sometimes be very hard work to organise an event/activity, and the costs are often reliant on minimum numbers etc…  If you are forced to drop out of an activity , it is polite to let the organiser know, as far in advance as possible. If it’s too late to fill your places, the organiser may still ask that you pay for unfilled places, to prevent the costs rising for the families who attended.

Educationista.com is a general website, anyone can add an event listing, but only home-educators can use it to take bookings and payments for any event they are organising (so long as they are not making a personal profit).
Events are listed at www.Educationista.com/events
Events can be added at www.educationista.com/events/add-event/

Educationista Foundation
Educationista Foundation is a local home-education charity with it’s own Facebook group.